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Memorial created 02-28-2006 by
Valita Friend
Anthony James-Justin Friend
March 2 1988 - November 9 2005

This memorial is a tribute to our son Anthony (Andy) who touched so many lives in his short 17 years. He was born at 12:47 am in Portland Oregon and became our "Angel" in Scappoose, Oregon where he lived all his life. Anthony has two little brothers that miss him dearly. Justin is 7, and Jaden is 5. He was thrilled when his first brother came along, then came brother number two, he said he wanted a sister, but at the ultrasound when he saw his new brother, he didn't care. He loved his brothers but as he always said "Love kids, but not for me". He loved his family! Growing up Anthony was the perfect child, you didn't have to watch him like a hawk, even though I did....He had his moments, but not very many. He didn't like to read. He didn't like to write, but he loved to draw, and he loved math. His interests varied from X-box to playing cards. Anthony always was into something, he liked playing pool, golfing, fishing, or riding his bike. Growing up he loved to be with his family. We went camping alot. The beach was our thing. He spent alot of time with his Aunt Valerie and his Uncle Brian and Aunt Ness. He enjoyed being with his cousin Jason, they were like brothers instead of cousins. They were the only two Grandsons on my side for 11 years. First it was Jason for years until Anthony came along. Anthony thought the world of Jason as we all do. Through out his 17 years of life he did so many things that made me a proud mother. He helped shut down a drug house in our neighborhood, babysat his brothers, was on the All Star Little League Team, and he walked with Jesus. I could go on forever but there is one thing he did that you don't see many teen age boys do. He took care of his sick Aunt. He was hired by the State of Oregon to care for my sister when she feel ill and wasn't able to care for herself. He was doing it daily anyway so when the State decided she needed a care taker he was their choice. He gave her shots, made her meals, did her laundry, cleaned for her, went to her doctors appointments with her, and did it all with out hesitation. He not only took care of her, he loved to help his Grandma too. Anthony had spunk, it showed sometimes but never enough to overshadow all the good he did. I always thought when my dad died, it was the worst day of my life, now I see there will be many. Anthony said to me that day, Mommy don't cry, Jesus needed Papa more than we did. He was 7. That shows me, he was a gift from God, leant to us for the wonderful 17 years we had him. He showed us what life is all about. LOVE!!!!! We will miss him every second of every minute, everyday till we meet again. "Our Cherished Biggest Boy" Please sign his guestbook, so we know you were here. Thank you


Anthony started with the skateboard and went on to biking, that was his passion. He spent every chance and every penny he had on his bike. That bike was different colors every other week. He spent hours fixing it with the perfect pieces. He built it piece by piece. He also built his own ramps, from the drawing to the finished product. He was very talented. This is a picture of him competing at our county fair. He placed second.


This is one thing that him and his dad did that drove me crazy. I worried all day until I seen them pull in the driveway. I can say, he was just like his dad, he LOVED action. His dad said he was always very careful and used caution when he rode.


These are his two brothers that are left without their big brother. Jaden on the left and Justin on the right.


Anthony never went anywhere without his hat. This is the picture used on his remembrance cards, because this is the whole package. "What a sweetheart"


This is the last picture that was taken of him. It was taken August 2005, him and his dad.


16 years old and still could smile for the camera. He has a smile that can melt anyones heart.


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